Tens Sunglasses

By Alex Noble Thursday 15th Sep, 2016

Filter your World and make your day look and feel ten times better’ – now that’s a slogan any chap should buy into!

It’s tough to admit but summer has come to an abrupt end – not that we get much of one in this country – and the darkness is beginning to set in. Thus the initial thought for many of you will be that only dark times lie ahead. Luckily, that’s not the motto of the chaps at Tens!

As all good chaps should know, sunglasses aren’t merely a tool for blocking out the Rays (and if you didn’t know that – start listening) they’re an extremely pivotal accessory for fulfilling many looks. Think of it as a cake; a well-tailored suit is the sponge, a pair of elegant shoes the icing, and a rocking pair of sunnies is the cherry on top…

Moreover, whatever your face shape or size, getting the right fit and type of glasses is essential to ensuring you look your very best. Take Wimbledon for example. Every gentleman within the royal box will don a pair of sunglasses come rain, wind or shine, and they’ll all be catered to their face shape and size. They’re a modern essential!

A Dapper Chap rocking the Tens Classics on the streets of Edinburgh.

A Dapper Chap rocking the Tens Classics on the streets of Edinburgh.

A Dapper Chapper rocking the Tens Classics on the streets of Edinburgh

So, how about a pair of sunglasses that not only look great, but have the ability to brighten up your life? Bit of a no brainier don’t you say? What we love about these sunglasses, and why we think they’re brilliant for a dapper chap, is the innovation and thought process behind them.

If you think about it, most sunglasses’ ‘soul purpose’ is to block out the sun’s natural glow with cold and somewhat lifeless shade. Tens work with the natural sunlight, and using custom filtered lenses ‘the world around you is transformed into a vivid experience full of clarity and colour.’

Now you can’t argue with that – absolutely smashing.

These wonderful products will add a little warmth to your day, as you stroll through the city on autumnal days when the sun may be shining but an overcoat is required.

A Dapper Chapper favourite were the Tens Classics especially those with the wonderful turtleshell, matte finish. It makes them extremely smooth and elegant, with the angled and squared finish adding to their sharp look. They’d be quite at home in the pocket or resting on the nose of any gentleman.

Tens’s London pop-up shop, which was located at the aptly numbered, 10 Earlham Street, near Covent Garden, was a major success, offering chaps like you and I the chance to test-run their lenses and see the light, first-hand before purchase. Keep a look out for more of their shops that may pop-up in the future!

The future is bright, the future is tens.