Introducing Black Dial Fashion Pieces

By Adam Monday 15th Feb, 2016

Dapper Chapper style writer Rashpal Amrit wrote a piece a few weeks ago about the rise in popularity for minimal watches & which ones you should buy. Out of the seven shortlisted two of the watches came from a site I hadn’t heard of before called so I got in touch to learn more about them.

They are a new online store, producing stylish pieces for men. At the moment five brands are stocked, all new to us, but it looks like they’ve unearthed some real gems. The sites offering includes ESTIE & N’Dammus London that produce luxury leather bags and accessories all suitable for a Dapper Chapper.

Very nice, but the main reason I got in touch this time around was to learn a little more about the watches. Tayroc, William Strouch & Gaxs are three brands stocked on the site that really caught my eye because all of the timepieces are £130 or lower and there are some real crackers. The role of a minimal watch isn’t to replace you’re prized swiss beauty but instead offer an alternative option and for that you just want something good-looking, simple and most importantly affordable.

Take a look for yourself:

William Strouch