Men’s Minimal Watches

By Rashpal Amrit Friday 12th Feb, 2016

Watches have had a big resurgence in recent years, whether it’s smart watches or the traditional analogue. The minimal watch trend continues to be universal in its appeal so here are 7 ways to channel the look:

Elliot O
This example has a matte all black case dial with some great grey detailing.

Buy here for £90

AÃRK Watch – Classic Tortoise

This classic watch comes in a range of colours, we favor the tortoise finish which would go well with matching frames.

Here for £115

William Strouch – Black and Gold watch
Luxury example with a soft leather strap.

Black Diak_William S

Here for £122.99
Daniel Wellington – Classic Reading
Classic and simple with a beautiful black crocodile leather band.

Here for £179
Larsson & Jennings – CM Gold
A luxury piece with timeless detailing.

Larsson & Jennings
Here for £225

Uniform Wares – M42 Chronograph Watch

Beautifully made with minimal branding and great detailing.

Uniform Wares
Here for £600

Junghans  – Max Bill Chronosope
For a big investment, you can’t go wrong with this exquisite timepiece.

Here for £1,500

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