Moët Ice Impérial Pop Up at Madison Rooftop

By Neil Brotherston Tuesday 18th Aug, 2015

Now we may be a little late to this particular rooftop related party, but it’s definitely a case of better late than never. One of our favourite champagne brands, Moët & Chandon, has teamed up with the unique London venue Madisons Rooftop Bar to launch their Moët Ice Imperial champagne with a unique pop-up.

And we have to give it to them – as far as locations go for a luxurious champagne pop-up, this one couldn’t get much better. Overlooking the world famous London skyline, with St Paul’s Cathedral in plain sight, this pop-up is a truly unique event, incorporating champagne, ice, ice sculptures and penguins.

But why penguins??? Well, Moët Ice Imperial is a world first. It is champagne designed to be served over ice. Can you imagine a more refreshing way to spend a sunny London evening, than sipping on champagne over ice, while watching the sun set behind St Pauls Cathedral?

This incredible pop up is open from 7pm to 8pm, every evening until September. Once a regular bottle or Jeroboam (3L bottle) of Moët Ice Impérial is ordered, waiters will be on hand to deliver a bespoke ice experience, created by Bompas & Parr. Playing on the idea that every penguin has a playmate for life, guests will have the opportunity to stamp personalised ice cubes for their friend or lover with ‘BFF’, ‘I Love You’ or ‘Happy B-day’ all the while watching the sunset and enjoying the perfect #MoetMoment.

moet 2

And the best part about it (apart from our irrational love of penguins) is that the Moët Ice Imperial really does work. We were sceptical at first that champagne over ice would be a ‘thing’. But, we can confirm that it is indeed a ‘thing’, and it’s a ‘thing’ that works very, very well.

The champagne itself tastes great and is certainly incredibly refreshing. The fact it is ice cold gives it a far crisper and intense flavour on the palate, with very strong fruity notes emerging through the initial icy hit to the senses and a striking but pleasant acidity to finish off.

So if you’re looking for the perfect venue to take that special someone on mid-week date night, or even just the perfect way to celebrate making it halfway through the week, be sure to check out this unique pop-up before it’s too late. With just two evenings left before the penguins waddle off elsewhere, be sure to book yourself a spot at one of the best spots in town.

To book yourself a table, visit here – click me

If you’d rather hold your own Moët Ice Imperial rooftop party, then you can buy a 750ml bottle from Selfridges, for a price of £54.99.