5 Things We Want This Week

By Adam Friday 8th Dec, 2017

David Hampton Malvern Leather Zip Card Holder

I’ve always preferred having a coin section with my card holder but don’t want compromise on size, or style for that matter. David Hampton, makers of exceptional leather goods since 1983, offer the perfect solution with this Malvern Leather Zip Card Holder.

£60 at www.davidhampton.com

Private White V.C X Jaguar Racing Jacket

Private White V.C can do no wrong in my eyes, and really neither can Jaguar so with the two combining I really want to get my hands on of these Racing Jackets. They are available for pre-order now with a limited run of just 200!

£595 at Private White

Parker Jotter Pen

Familiarise yourself with a ‘Parker Jotter’ and adorn your diary with balanced pen strokes and world-beating ideas.

£16 at jotterlondon.com

The Griffin Cufflink by Wimbledon Cufflink Company

I’m local to Wimbledon so was delighted to stumble across this brand. The Griffin is a magnificent mythological creature with an eagle’s head and wings joined to the body of a lion. These cufflinks are vividly depicted in gold on deep blue and are magnificent indeed.


£49 at wimbledoncufflinks.com

Duchamp British Wool Beanie

Duchamp are back in town! This beanie hat is made from a comfy, warm and soft 100% British wool and is the perfect finishing touch for your casual winter wardrobe.

£65 at Duchamp.com