5 Things We Want This Week

By Tom Larkin Thursday 28th Jun, 2018
A-Dam Swimshorts: Testimonials from Jean Claude Van Damme, Snoop D. Dogg and Clint Eastwood! I admit, three very random celebs to pin their name to A-dam’s pink polka dot swim short, however, these 100% recycled polyester swimmers are certainly worthy of any A-lister.

£70 at Adamunderwear.com

Lululemon Surge Top: We just can’t get enough of Lululemon at the moment. I would highly recommend their ‘Surge Warm Full-Zip’ jacket which excellently contours the body for an athletic look. Make sure your gym attire is on point gents.
NEUW Jeans: NEUW Denim is one of my favourite jeans at the moment. The Rebel Skinny is crafted from premium, high stretch form denim, that is made to move with you, providing a relaxed silhouette. They have added grey threads and put it through a stone wash bleach, hand scraping, destruction, grinding and crinkle for a jean with beat-up character.
 84 euros at neuwdenim.com
MAEL T: With it’s beating heart in Amsterdam, MAEL is the right fit for the city guy with his distinct style. With a focus on shoes and leather goods and an eye for textiles and fashion MAEL can offer it’s wearer a full wardrobe. One that can be mixed, matched or completely worn on its own.
Personalised slippers by Matthew Cookson: Matthew Cookson lets you put the world at your feet through their hand-made products, create your dream pair shoes for that special occasion.
300 euros at matthewcookson.com