Five of the Best: E-cigarettes for Beginners in 2017

By Adam Thursday 16th Feb, 2017

Despite growing awareness of the dangers of smoking, many still struggle to quit cigarettes effectively and often find themselves returning to the habit without a viable alternative.

With National Non-smoking day just around the corner (8th March), we’ve turned our attention to vaping to see what all the fuss is about and why so many people are making the switch.

It’s understandable that in recent times, vaping has increased in popularity as a superior alternative to regular smoking. This is hardly surprising considering that vaping has been deemed by the NHS to be 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes. Nevertheless, some find it quite tricky to begin vaping due to the relatively steep learning curve involved compared to traditional cigarettes.

However, vaping isn’t really as complicated as you might think. If you’ve been looking to make the switch from traditional tobacco products, it can be quite difficult to navigate the wide range of e cigarette brands available on the market. In this article our vaping expert outline’s 5 easy-to-use models designed specifically for beginners & those looking to simplify the vaping process.

  1. Joyetech Ego AIO Box 

The Joyetech Ego AIO Box is a lightweight and compact starter kit, designed to pack a serious punch. Powered by a large 2100mAh internal battery, the Joyetech Ego combines all of the benefits of a compact frame with all of the power needed to create rich, flavorful clouds.

New to the market and is highly recommended for beginners and veterans alike. The Joyetech Ego AIO Box is ergonomically designed to fit in every pocket, and to feel comfortable in every hand, the Joyetech Ego comfortably holds around 2ml of your favourite e-liquid.

Designed for beginners, or those who want an easy to use, lightweight vaping device, the Joyetech Ego AIO Box is powered by USB, making it an easy device to keep charged to full power at all times.

Price £24.99

2. Innokin CoolFire IV TC100 & iSub V

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC100 Kit is a combination pack which contains both the Cool Fire IV TC 100 Box as well as the iSub V tank.  The Cool Fire IV TC100 Mod is powered by the AETHON chipset and features an3300mAh integrated battery with a large charging capacity. Allowing for fast 2A charging, the CoolFire provides pass-through functionality which lets you use your device whilst charging,

The iSub V benefits from Innokin’s ‘No Spill Coil Swap’ system which ensures mess-free coil replacement. Also featuring temperature control, the Cool Fire IV provides up to 100W of vaping power, and easily holds enough power to get you through the whole day.

Admittedly, this setup is a little more complicated and requires further maintenance than some of the all-in-one options, however, we feel that the further commitment is totally worth it due to the advanced customisation that you can use to make the most out of your device.

Price £54.99

3. Aspire Pockex Pocket AIO

Measuring in just shorter than the iPhone5s, the Aspire PockeX AIO kit is an easy to use sub-ohm device that facilitates large vapour production without all of the hassle of traditional units. Equipped with a Nautilus X U-Tech coil, the PockeX is a discrete device designed for big flavour.

A simple device operated with an easy to use interface, the PockeX is activated with a press of a single button. Refilling the PockeX is also incredibly straightforward, simply unscrew the top and refill the device which holds a maximum of 2ml of eliquid. Modern, simple & refillable – the PockeX contains all the latest essential features such as overcharge protection, USB charging & status light monitoring.

Come in a full range of colours including shadowy black, chrome silver, rose gold & brilliant white.

Price £22.99

4. Smok Brit One Mini

The Smok Brit One mini is a fantastic piece of kit designed for sub-ohm vapers who are looking for great flavour, but who aren’t interested in customising their device. With it’s professional, slim-line design the Smok Brit One comes in black or chrome and is powered by a compact 1600mAh battery that holds about a day of charge.

Similarly to the Aspire device, the Smok Brit One Mini features an encased frame which means that there is zero leakage from the device. Featuring a dual-core atomiser and 22mm flavour tank, the Brit One Mini is a really powerful entry-level device for those who want to focus on flavour.

Premium entry level sub-ohm kit. Available in black and silver. Price £24.99

5. My Von Erl Starter Kit

The My Starter Kit by Von Erl captures both the ease of use of ‘cigalike’ vaporisers, with the customisability and replaceable flavours of box mods. Built from high strength, low-density Aluminium, the My Von Earl starter kit has a modern look and feel, which some say represents the next evolution in vaping design.

Great for starters, the My Von Erl is usable pretty much straight out of the box. Furthermore, the devices is refilled using a series of flavorsome pods, which can be simply swapped out on the go for a quick change in taste.

To accompany the device, Von Erl has created a dulux range of luscious flavours which range from standard menthol or tobacco flavours to more exciting flavours such as bourbon caramel, ginseng ginger & vanilla latte.

Price £19.99