MEEM MEMORY: Back-up Your Phone When It’s Charging

By Michelle Connolly Wednesday 15th Feb, 2017

The other day I saw something that chilled me – I watched a man trip and drop his phone into a puddle on the road, totally immersing it and dripping wet when he fished it out. The poor guy looked devastated. Needless to say it made me wonder about my own phone, and how much I rely on it every day. Because let’s face it, it’s not the actual phone you lose, it’s your social life, your contacts, your diary, basically your main point of contact for almost everything. Thankfully someone else got there first, and funded a Kickstarter campaign to make sure it didn’t happen to them.

So I was delighted to try out MEEM over the weekend. This sophisticated cable is more than a neat and rather good-looking charging device, it’s a virtual lifesaver. If, like me, you rarely remember to back things up until it’s too late then this is the ideal device for you. Every time you plug your phone in to charge, it creates a secure backup of your data – so if the worst happened, you can easily plug it straight back in and essentially clone your phone. This will work with a brand new phone, or just a software update.

Once you plug it in the first time it takes you to the MEEM app on the app store, and you can set up a simple password for the cable once you have download it. From there you choose what you want to back up, from contacts, calendar, music, messages, photos, videos and music. The app is really easy to use, with a simple drag and drop interface, and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. The Android cable holds about 16G of data while the Apple one has 32G to play with, and you can also back up more than one phone at a time so long as you use the same pin number for both.   

The main difference I noticed with MEEM compared to other backup devices was that you don’t have to transfer everything over, you can actually select which data you want to move – like say you wanted to move a selection of contacts from one phone to another, or copy images from your phone to a friend’s device, you can easily do so. Overall I was really impressed, and while I hope that I won’t need to use the backup any time in the near future at least I know that I have the latest version of my phone available if the worst should happen.


Available on Android for £39.99 or IOS for £59.99 at MEEM Memory