Rampley & Co – The National Gallery Collection

By Adam Monday 30th Nov, 2015

A few weeks back at the #Detailsofagentleman event we were introduced to Rampley and Co.

Rampley & Co create elegant pocket squares through unique designs and high quality materials to showcase British luxury to a global audience.

Although the company is still young, they work with some of the most prestigious and well known institutions, museums, galleries and artists to create truly unique designs. Pieces of art in can literally live in your pocket.

The first brand partnerships we wanted to blog about is The National Gallery whom they worked closely with to choose three paintings from their substantial collection of some of the finest artworks in the world.

The paintings had to first and foremost suit the medium on which they were to be presented. They then designed unique borders for each square, each inspired by the painting it was chosen to go with and utilising individual details seen in the work such as the detailing on an arch or the colouring of a piece of clothing.

Once designs were finalised they worked with their expert colourist to ensure that the sampling process gave the closest possible match to the original painting before producing our finished product. This is a difficult task when printing complicated images with multiple colour blends onto silk but fully worth it when presented at the end with a stunning hand rolled silk pocket square featuring an absolutely stunning piece of art.

Available now, the pocket squares are all designed and printed in the UK and this collection features the work of three well-known artists including Rubens, Canaletto and Crivelli. The three original paintings can all be found in The National Gallery, London:

  • ·      Peter Paul Rubens 1577 – 1640, Samson and Delilah about 1609 – 1610
  • ·      Carlo Crivelli about 1430/5 – about 1494, The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius 1486
  • ·      Canaletto 1697 – 1768, Venice: The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day 1740
  • Range: Collection of 3 Pocket Squares created with The National Gallery
  • Available: Now at the National Gallery shop and online at www.rampleyandco.com
  • Price: £69 including free worldwide shipping
  • Product: Printed silk, hand rolled
  • Artwork: Found in The National Gallery, London