By Neil Brotherston Monday 1st Dec, 2014

Today we take a look at another Vodka brand looking to distinguish itself from its competitors through the purity of the end result and the quality of their ingredients.

Today’s drink is Square One Organic Vodka, which is making waves in the vodka market with their range of organic vodkas.  Everything about this brand revolves around being pure, being organic and crucially not only minimising the impact that production has on the environment, but also giving back to the environment.

From their 100% organic rye, a distillers who generate over 30% of their energy usage from wind power, their environmentally friendly produced bottle or the fact that even the waste product of the rye goes back into the ecosystem as feed for dairy farms – it really is a brand that you can drink safe in the knowledge that it has done everything it can to help the environment around it.

A truly guilt free tipple.


Square One sources the purest and highest quality Rye possible.  This is then supplemented with only organic ingredients to produce the end product. It’s grown in chemical free compost, receives only organic yeasts and natural nutrients in the distillation process and finally pure, fresh water from the nearby Teton Mountains.

Square One is only distilled once, for a very short period of time. They dispel the myth that the best vodkas are those that are distilled the most times. The act of distillation removes impurities from the vodka – but when you’ve used the purest ingredients possible throughout, there are very few impurities to remove. This means you are left with a fuller and more intense flavour.

So onto the flavour, which we have to admit is something to behold. You truly can taste the purity and strength of flavour that the lack of distillation leads to. It is a soft and silky fell on the palate with light spice and grainy aroma. One the tongue the organic rye really comes to the forefront with a delightful slightly sweet nutty flavour the dominant one.

Square One really is a delight to drink straight, but its strong and intense nutty flavour also lends itself perfectly to use in cocktails.


So we’d recommend giving the Pear Noel a try – the perfect winter cocktail.


1 1/2 oz. Square One Organic Vodka

1/2 oz. Tawny Port

3 oz. pureed pears

1/4 oz. grated ginger

1 oz. agave nectar or simple syrup

2 drops Angostura Bitters

4 oz. whipping Cream

2 tsp. sugar

1/4 tsp. ground cardamom

(Credit: Allison Evanow)


Cardamom Cream:  Place cream, sugar and the ground cardamom into a bowl. Whisk until thickened. Set aside.Combine Square One Organic vodka, port, pearpuree, ginger, syrup and bitters into a shaker. Dry shake (no ice) ingredients well for 10 seconds to blend.Pour into a cordial glass.

Float 1 – 1 1/2 oz. of cardamom cream on top.


Square One also has an impressive range of flavoured vodkas, including Basil, Cucumber, and an impressive Botanical version, which we can highly recommend.


Square One Organic Vodka is available from The Whisky Exchange where you can get your hands on it for £31.35.