Standing the Test of Time

By Adam Thursday 10th Aug, 2017

Classic timepieces are a clear lure for any Dapper Chapper, a focal point of the day-to-day get-up whether that be dressing for an evening occasion or a more casual affair.

Now, the words ‘vintage’ and ‘classic’ have become a little tiresome as we all have different perceptions of what they mean. However, there is one a recent exception to rule in the guise of Danish watchmakers, About Vintage.

Born within the creative hub of Copenhagen, About Vintage captures heritage in its aesthetic but with an equal amount of modernity and forward-thinking in its armoury.

The brand has recently launched its flagship store in the heart of the city with their latest focus being on the newly launched 1815 Chronograph timepiece.

Naming watches after key historical moments in horology, the 1815 plays a poignant role as this was the year when the chronograph technique – a watch with combined watch and stop-watch capability – was invented.

With its classic design details, the first designed timepiece in the Skov Andersen collection (named after both founders) could therefore be named nothing else than 1815. Each timepiece is unique with an individual number engraved on the case back. The watch is carefully designed with quality materials including sapphire glass and Royal Blue details.

Priced at £299.