American Aviation Gin – The Dapper Chapper Bar

By Adam Saturday 12th Jul, 2014

Throughout the year, we’ve been searching for bottles of booze to sit side by side to make the perfect Dapper Chapper bar. To make the cut two things are required; great taste and a bottle we’d want to show off.

Another Gin brand has caught our attention in the form of American Aviation Gin, confirming that at the moment Gin is well and truly in. It’s a brand at the forefront of the revival and another example of a high-end brand becoming the norm among casual drinkers.

Internationally-acclaimed mixololgist Ryan Magarian joined forces with House Spirits Distillery creating the first distiller-mixologist collaboration. House Spirits Distillery, which was founded in 2004 is co-owned by a number of high profile investors, including NFL legend Joe Montana.

We make no bones about it, the aesthetics of the bottle is important to us. We believe your bar should be a visual point in your home, a piece of art in its own right. This bottle is one to show off, front row of the bar. With an art-décor design in an impressive custom glass mould and a logo cast into the bottle. It screams AMERICA, it’s big and bold but somehow still has enough elegance in its design to lure in a Dapper Chapper.

Fascinated by the bottles design we probed a little further and discovered it was created with practical considerations. The ridges in the bottle actually make it easy to grip in busy bars – very clever indeed.


The taste is there too, Wine Enthusiast rates American Aviation the highest in the world. The Gin, which is gluten-free, brings together a host of natural ingredients and exotic spices from around the globe including anise seed, orange peel, coriander, cardamom, Indian sarsaparilla and juniper, creating a masterful blend of floral, citrus and savory notes. Orange peel is perhaps the most detectable ingredient but there’s plenty going on with every sip.

The mix of ingredients creates a Gin that can be sipped neat, on the rocks or perfectly chased with a Fever Tree Tonic and a slice of cucumber. It also proved to be very mixable in contemporary cocktails. It passed the standard Tom Collins & Martini test but we challenged the very nice PR lady to recommend some cocktails. She came up trumps with a few summer specials including a watermelon cucumber cooler and John Daley’s Revival (which sounded delightful) but the two that we loved the sound of (and enjoyed trying) were; Beers Knees and Aviation Rickey, check out the recipes below:


Beers Knees – This one makes you want to be poolside – STAT. Light & refreshing.


  • 1 1/2 oz Aviation American Gin
  • oz Freshly pressed lemon juice
  • oz Honey syrup*
  • oz Widmer Hefeweizen
  1. In a pint glass, add spirits & mixers (through honey syrup)
  2. Fill with ice & shake vigorously
  3. Fine strain into a chilled collins glass with or without ice
  4. Top with Hefeweizen
  5. Garnish with a lemon wedge
  6. *To make honey syrup; combine equal parts honey to heated water and stir until honey is dissolved, let cool


One of Aviation’s classic recipes is the Aviation Rickey – Light and not too sweet, meaning you can have one after the other and not feel like you’ve had a meal. With 1.5 oz of alcohol instead of two, it’s lower in calories too.



  • 1 1/2 oz Aviation American Gin
  • 3/4 oz Freshly pressed lime juice
  • 1 tsp Simple syrup
  •  Soda water


  1. In a collins glass, add ice, spirits & mixers
  2. Top with soda water
  3. Stir
  4. Garnish with a lime wedge


Costing around £33 it’s widely available at stockist such as masterofmalt or visit

American Aviation welcome to our bar.