Craft Sage Gin by One Drinks

By Robert Etheridge Monday 22nd May, 2017

Does gin ever do ‘good’? An elixir of life with some hidden health benefits maybe?

Health benefits… maybe not, benefits for the soul – more so. But, what if a brand of gin actually made the world a slightly better place, as well as having all the other favourable qualities of the much-loved spirit?

Well, ethical drinks producer One Drinks has made this impressive feat a reality, and the story behind their new Sage Craft Gin is nothing less than inspiring.

But, firstly, the gin itself is very, very good. The citrus notes are clear but it’s set apart by the botannicals which give a distinctive blend of sharp and savoury. The savoury notes are of black tea, from the blend of juniper and sage. We tried it with No.9 Cardamom Tonic by Peter Spanton, which adds a sweet spice to the smooth overall finish. One recommends serving with a slice of crisp apple and a sage leaf. Delightful.

A perfect tipple for the summer months, with more fresh herbs than River Cottage; the process behind One Gin is the work of multi-award-winning Master Distiller Sarah Thompson at Blackdown Distillery, Sussex. One Gin uses nine botanicals from around the world, and sage of course, foraged from the grounds of the distillery before being handcrafted in small batches in an alembic copper still.

One Gin, nine botannicals

So, One Gin is guaranteed to please in the taste stakes, but what really sets it apart is the aforementioned story behind it. One is the leading producer of ethical drinks, and 100% of the profit from every bottle of One Water or One Gin goes to the One Foundation. The foundation funds life-changing water and sanitation projects in Africa, giving some of the world’s most deprived communities access to clean water. Since the One Brand’s foundation in 2005, the donation figure stands at a mind-blowing £15 million.

The arrival of One Gin is, therefore, very good news for the bars of Britain and it has the potential to drive real change where it’s desperately needed. Check out One’s Crowdfunder page, where you can pre-order your bottle and find out more about the very good stuff the team is doing. You can also look out for the distinctive, art deco-inspired bottles at World Duty Free stores.