The Dapper Bar – Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cognac

By Neil Brotherston Wednesday 14th Dec, 2016


That means one thing – presents. If you’re anything like me, then choosing presents for my friends and family is up there with the most stressful things I have to deal with throughout the year. If you’re buying for a fellow Dapper Chapper, then we’ve got you covered with our 2016 gift guide for gentlemen.

But I’m going to suggest something that isn’t featured on the list – you can never have too many options after all. That suggestion is the newly released and quite frankly beautiful ‘Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cognac’.

Now this might only be suitable for those that you want to get a really special gift for, given the price of £125 per bottle, but hey, doesn’t your old man deserve something special for everything you’ve put him through over the years? Yes, yes he does. So ignore the price and listen up, because this is something special.


Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cognac is a new launch from the world famous cognac producers, Martell. It is a limited edition expression, which uses the same blend as the original Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, which started life in 1912.

However, don’t let that fool you – this isn’t just the same old Cordon Bleu repackaged, to push through some more sales. This cognac has gone through a genuinely transformative process that completely changes the make up and taste of this drink.

Once the traditional ageing process of this cognac is finished, the process is completed in unique casks that are then put under conditions of intense heat, which cause increased charring on the inside of the cask – resulting in a truly intense taste like no other cognac.

Martell have dubbed this charring process “Chauffe Crocodile”. While it’s not a process I’ve heard of before, it is now one I will be learning a lot more about, as the effect it has on the cognac is stunning.

The ‘chauffe crocodile’ produces a much deeper, spicy and intense taste sensation to the normal Cordon Bleu expression. There is a sense of roasted coffee and toasted almonds, while there is a clear cinnamon spice, that tastes more intense than a normal cinnamon flavour in a drink – but this is by no means a negative. It might blow the cobwebs off your throat, but it is a very pleasant sensation.

Christophe Valtaud, Cellar Master at House of Martell describes the taste of this serve as “unsuspected intensity” and we can’t disagree with that description. While you may recognise the flavours that you as tasting, you will never have felt them or tasted them quite like this.

As if the quality of the drink inside this incredibly beautiful bottle isn’t enough, Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat comes in a deep blue embossed presentation case, which does something, quite frankly awesome. To represent the ‘chauffe crocodile’ process, the packaging reacts to body heat when it is rubbed, which immediately turns the deep blue casing into a fiery red casing, that resembles the glowing embers of a burning cask.

Now that is cool – right?

So if you want to give a loved one something truly special, truly unique and something that will really set your gift apart from everything else they receive, then I urge you to consider Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cognac – you and your loved one won’t be disappointed.

Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cognac is available for a price of £125 exclusively from Fortnum & Mason.