The Dapper Chapper Bar – Doorly’s XO Rum

By Neil Brotherston Friday 1st Jul, 2016

It’s Rum time people, and this time Doorly’s XO Rum is up for the taste test.

A quick search on the Internet regarding Doorly’s, which I must admit I hadn’t previously heard of, suggests that this is highly regarded rum, that can be bought at a more than reasonable price. Our favourite kind of alcohol – quality high, cost low.

Doorly’s XO Rum is made up of a blend of rums, each no less than 6 years old. The bottle itself has no age statement, but as a minimum the rums inside it are 6 years old. The Rum is aged in ex-American whiskey oaks casks, before being re-casked for their final spell in ex Oloroso sherry casks.

This secondary spell in the sherry casks really adds a depth and complexity of flavour to the Doorly’s Rum that many other rums simply don’t have. There are strong brown sugar, caramel and treacle flavours evident as soon as you take a sip of this Rum, with a slight hit of spice and a citrusy hit.

After a few seconds the spice subsides and is replaced by a slight smokiness – an unmistakable influence of the sherry cask, which gives it a rather unique flavour for rum.

There can be no doubting that for a price of  £28.75, this is a very good value rum and is one that we would thoroughly recommend trying, as at that price, it really does punch above its weight.

On a side-note, we also really like the bottle and label design of Doorly’s Rum. The Hyacinth Macaw that dominates the label is actually a representation of how rare the rum in the bottle is.

doorlys 2

On their entry level 3yr old Rum, a common blue and yellow Macaw graces the label. On their 5yr old Rum, a slightly rarer Scarlett Macaw takes pride of place on the label. The Hyacinth Macaw, that is present on the XO version is on the endangered list, while the Spix Macaw that is the star of the 12 yr old version is critically endangered across the world.

The Macaws on the label really make the bottle stand out and provides a nice little back story, given the stories of the different Macaws used. The only disappointment is that they haven’t finished off the quality looking bottle with something other than a metal screw top. This is the only real negative we could find in an otherwise very impressive rum.

Doorly’s XO Rum is available from The Whisky Exchange for a price of £28.75