Glenrothes Select Reserve Whisky

By Adam Sunday 17th Aug, 2014

The next addition to our Dapper Chapper Bar comes in the form of a single malt whisky from Speyside by the name of Glenrothes Select Reserve.

To kick us off, a little about the brand… The Glenrothes distillery lies on a tributary of the River Spey, a region universally acknowledged as the heartland of Single Malt Whisky distillation. Since 1879 Glenrothes has been built their reputation as premium brand over 130 years and in early 1990 it was released as a Single Malt Whisky.

We’ve had the 43% Select Reserve on review which is held in high regard internationally as a Double Gold award winner from the 2012 San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

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We were not disappointed. Pale and golden in appearance flavours of creamy vanilla, juicy citrus, complex spices and ripe fruits all combined to create a fantastic experience.

Like other Speyside’s it carries spice and malt at the front of the flavour but in the glass it seems that it’s Vanilla that is marginally dominant fitting in line with the lighter and sweeter reputation that come with other great Speyside premium malts.

The distillation process is unusually slow in tall copper pot stills with the maturation in American and Spanish oak casks and Glenrothes employ a rather unique philosophy around timing. They challenge the norm of the Scoth Whisky industry by only bottling when ripe and mature, something they believe is not time sensitive, allowing each batch to mature at its own pace.


The brand guidelines explain that ‘what happens in the whisky cask is far more important than the number of years spent in it. An age does not reveal the maturity of the Whisky.’ This approach allows the final blend to be based on taste profile rather than age.


As you know, it’s not only great taste that gets you onto the Dapper Chapper Bar. Bottle aesthetics are important for any brand wanting to make it, as we believe your bar should be the statement of any gentlemen’s entertainment area. The Glenrothes bottle fits in nicely, based on the distillery classic sample bottle and it’s understated but refined.

It carries the label which is essentially a set of tasting notes to educate the consumer, along with more information around the year of distillation. The bottle arrives in neat case, they explain “we frame it to exhibit the bottle” – & very nicely done too.

The Dapper Chapper Cocktail: The Sweet N Sour Spicy

By Matthew Law, Bind Pig, Glasgow

–          50mlThe Glenrothes Select Reserve

–          25ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice

–          25ml Simple syrup (2 sugar to 1 water)

–          ½ fresh Egg white

–          15 dried Cloves

–          1 dash Runny honey

Method: SHAKE ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

I deleted my summary paragraph of the Whisky because we stumbled onto the last page of the brand guidelines where there is a quote from Whisky Magazine referring to Glenrothes Select as “The Rolls Royce of Single Malts”. – lovely, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Available at Master of Malt for £33.92

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