Hoxton Gin Review

By Gary Dennis Thursday 29th Sep, 2016

Another classy gin in the form of Hoxton Gin, joins the Dapper Bar this week. Relaunched this summer by renowned mixologist and entrepreneur Gerry Calabrese, Hoxton Gin has evolved with a more refined flavour whilst retaining its signature exotic coconut and grapefruit flavours. The relaunch not only brings a new polished flavour, it also brings a new distinctive design. As you can see from the above image, the bold use of black and yellow makes the bottle immediately distinguishable.

This year sees Hoxton Gin lower its formative alcohol content from 43% to 40% which contributes to a smoother, premium taste. This allows the drinker to identify Hoxton’s finest natural sourced ethical ingredients. These include; the aforementioned coconut and grapefruit, as well as juniper, iris, tarragon and ginger.


Recommended serves for Hoxton Gin would be the Hoxton & Tonic, as well as the Hoxton & Ginger Ale. Both are classic cocktail staples, instantly refreshing, whilst also showcasing Hoxton Gins complex flavour combinations.

Thumbs up from The Dapper Chapper!

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