Introducing Little Big Beer

By Phil Hawkins Friday 28th Jul, 2017

If you stop to consider the choice available for those big on beer but not on alcohol, it won’t take you long. A few non-alcoholic lagers, or a selection of weak tasteless options and that’s about it, so when Little Big Beer got in touch with us, we just had to try their new 2% offering.

Little Big Beer has plans to launch in pubs and bars across the UK soon, and we were fortunate enough to be able to review the alcohol-light beer. It’s an ideal choice for the chap that leads a busy life and wants a tasty craft beer but doesn’t want to go mad.

Born and brewed in Somerset, Little Big Beer claims to be the first craft beer that is big on taste but light on alcohol. Packed with extra hops, malt and barely the end result is an ale full of flavour, with chocolate and fruity notes.

Founder of Little Big Brewing, Mark Hey, has spent more than 30 years running a series of acclaimed gastro pubs and restaurants.

He said: “Real ale is where it is at with brilliant new breweries springing up across the country. Our pub alone offers more than 200 different ales every year. But, unlike lager drinkers, real ale drinkers have been thirsting in silence for a lighter choice.”

The Little Big team of master craftsmen show that the size of the content isn’t everything, it’s what you do with it that counts, and have created a brew that is uncompromising in flavour with a responsible alcohol content.

This beer gets a massive little big thumbs up from us. For more information visit

Little Big Beer