Mayfair Gin Review

By Neil Brotherston Monday 29th Aug, 2016

Another day, another gin.

Don’t say we’re not good to you gin lovers over here at Dapper Chapper. If you can’t find a gin you like in our Dapper Bar then we will eat our proverbial top hat.

Next up on The Dapper Bar is Mayfair Gin.

Anything that references one of our all-time favourite areas of London, Mayfair, is onto a winner already in Dapper Chapper HQ. So we were very excited to try Mayfair Gin and see if the contents of the bottle lived up to the reputation that name on the front gave it.

Mayfair Gin is produced at one of the few remaining distilleries in London by a master distiller whose family business is still thriving after over 300 years.

Mayfair as a brand have bucked the trend of most alcohol companies and have kept their distillation processes very close to their chests, with very little information available regarding the actual distillation process the Gin goes through.

However, what we do know is that it is distilled in a small batch still, affectionately named ‘Thumbelina’ – the small batch still approach ensuring the gin is of premium quality, with no shortcuts taken.

The gin is distilled with an infusion of popular botanicals in London dry gins: Juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root and orris. The result is a full bodied gin that is sweet and leaves a distinct spiciness on the palate that is warming and pleasant – certainly not too strong.

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On top of the great taste, we’d feel like we hadn’t done Mayfair justice if we didn’t mention the excellently crafted bottle, which we feel really does make it stand out from the crowd. The deep green flowing up through the bottle, to eventually reveal the clear liquid inside of it is beautiful and a real triumph of design.

Mayfair Gin is definitely a high quality product and one we wouldn’t think twice about adding to our Dapper Bar collection. We recommend trying it in the rather unique Mayfair Elegance cocktail. You might need a trip to the shops for some of the ingredients, as we’re going to guess not all of you will have yellow chartreuse or jasmine tea just sitting in the cupboard. But trust us, it’s well worth effort.

The Mayfair Elegance


  • 35ml Mayfair Gin
  • 50ml honeyed jasmine tea
  • 15ml yellow chartreuse


  • Stir and serve over ice in an oversized old fashioned tumbler.
  • Garnish with a Jasmine Flower & Lemon twist

To get your hands on Mayfair Gin, visit The Whisky Exchange, where you can get your hands on a bottle for the princely sum of £30.75