Nespresso Creatista Plus

By Michelle Connolly Monday 27th Feb, 2017

We made our way to Notting Hill to experience the very latest in creative caffeine, the new Nespresso Creatista Plus machine, in action. This is their very first one that has been developed around the art of the foam, making it easier than ever to practice your skills at home.

An intuitive digital menu on top of the screen shows you a selection of coffee recipes to choose from, as well as more detailed sub-categories of temperature and strength, meaning if you’re a super strength first thing person, then you’re all set.

Pop your chosen capsule in, set your cup on the pull out drawer, and hit the start button to start the crema flowing. Once finished, put the frothing wand into your milk jug and again hit the start button. The wand and jug are magnetised to the machine, and it frothes and texturises the milk exactly how you’ve programmed it – frothy cappuccino or a creamier, smoother flat white consistency. This was so impressive, for someone that has paid their barista dues it was fascinating to see the machine create such beautiful and professional micro foam from a static wand, but the technology is just that advanced.

So now you have a warm up time of either 3 or 10 seconds for the machine, and can have a beautiful flat white in less than 2 minutes ready to head out the door. Thankfully this beauty is also self-cleaning, so it just needs a quick swipe of a cloth once you’re done to be ready to go again.

Claire Cloatre-Vinzant, Head of Machines Marketing at Nespresso explained, “We are constantly looking to offer our Club Members new and exciting ways to enjoy coffee at home. We partnered with iconic kitchen appliance brand Sage, known for their innovation and thoughtful design, to launch Creatista Plus. Combining our coffee expertise and pioneering Nespresso machine system with the Sage automatic steam wand technology, means we are able to offer multiple milk foam textures and temperatures allowing users to customise their coffees and create incredible works of latte art to impress guests with.”

Nespresso are clearly seeking to elevate the at-home experience with their machines and blends, offering carefully chosen ranges for all kinds of caffeine aficionados. This machine means that everyone can have a custom blended beverage in minutes, even if they’re vastly different. This is coffee as it should be – smooth, full flavoured and fast enough to satisfy even the least patient of people.

Get to grips with the new Nespresso Creativo Plus and release your inner barista.