No.3 London Dry Gin – The Dapper Chapper Bar

By Adam Friday 22nd Aug, 2014

Our next entry on the Dapper Chapper Bar is another gin (because gin is still in) and comes in the form of No.3 London Dry Gin.

So what are they all about & why the number 3?

The name No3 actually refers to the address in St James’s Street London, which has been home to distillers Berry Bros. & Rudd since 1698.


From this the gin is now defined by the number 3. Along with the address in St James’ the combined botanicals include just three spices and three fruits.

The next obvious thing you spot on the bottle is the key. Inspiration for the key comes from opening the lock in the foot of the Parlour at the heart of the shop at the No.3 St James Street. The Parlour is seen as the inner sanctum of No.3 St James’s Street unlocking the secrets and traditions of an extraordinary institution.


Upon taste it’s clear the juniper (from Italy) is the key ingredient but No3 also comes with an unmistakable taste of lavender and pine. The dominant fruit flavour comes in the form of sweet Spanish orange peel providing freshness in the form of clean citrus with the grapefruit peel then giving an extra zingy lift – and we all need a zingy lift sometimes.

Next, an earthy quality is brought into play from Angelica Root which helps make the gin dy. Moroccan coriander seeds then release a lemon flavour and spicy, slightly peppery finish. Finally cardamom pods which add a spicy, aromatic yet warm bite.

On the nose No3 is bright and crisp with Juniper evident. On the palate juniper and cardamom pods are most present with the earthy dryness of angelica for the finish. Upon smell Juniper is first with cardamom and coriander following – two flavours perhaps subtle enough to challenge the consumer. Even though it’s 46% ABV it’s incredibly crisp, smooth and fresh.

Simon Berry Chairman of Berry Bros. & Rudd tells us more “No3 is unmistakably traditional London Dry Gin. By traditional we mean gin that tastes as gin should: with Juniper at its heart.”

The distillation process still takes place in traditional pot stills by a family-owned company who have been distilling in Schiedam, Holland for over 30 years further adding to the tradition and heritage.

But as you know, to make it onto the Dapper Chapper Bar the bottle needs to look the part. No.3 is certainly at home on our bar. The bottle is encased by a clean white box with a keyhole cut in the front revealing the green interior.


On top of this each bottle is individually hand wrapped, a tradition that has run for centuries. The wrapping paper is folded out to reveal St James Street and the surrounding area. The bottle which concaves at the sides slightly is green again with the key present at the front of the bottle – very nice indeed.


One thing that’s clear about No3 is their desire to be the last word in gin for a Dry Martini cocktail. To achieve this they are working with one of the world authorities in the art and science of distillation, Dr David Clutton (who by the way holds the world’s PhD on Gin Flavour)!

So of course we had to try a Martini. Vermouth at the ready, and we were good to go.

A bold statement but we agree, perhaps the best Martini we’ve had. I’m not sure if it’s the juniper balance that makes the Martini spectacular but whatever it is, it works!

The Dapper Chapper Cocktail: No.3 Negroni

–          35ml No3 Gin

–          35 ml Red Vermouth

–          35ml Campari bitters

–          Lemon slice

–          Orange slice

Method: Mix all the liquid together in a heavy-bottomed tumbler with ice. Stir and add a slice of orange and lemon zest to decorate.


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