Pickering’s Gin

By Alex Noble Thursday 14th Jul, 2016

It’s safe to say, gin has been in the British spotlight for quite some time. Most chaps love indulging in a gin and tonic after a tough days work – it’s a bloody good source of refreshment.

Did you know: Back in the colonial days when Britain ruled the waves, gin was the staple drink that was mixed with everything…(vodka didn’t exist, so soldiers mixed their vile tonic water, which prevented malaria, with gin to make it more bearable –
And so the gin & tonic was invented) Winston Churchill was known to say that gin saved more lives than doctors!

You may be wondering where we’re going with this…well old boy, whilst the current trend seems to centre on creating a gin that compliments tonic, Pickering’s Gin goes about things a little differently and more traditionally. It’s brilliantly innovative!

Their concoction is based on an Indian recipe from 1947 that, first and foremost, produces a beautifully tasting gin…whether it Blends well with tonic water is a secondary thought – it blends beautifully by the way – but through OCD-like methodology, they have produced a process that works a charm.

Everything they do is man-made… From the distilling to their trademark wax finish on the bottle, it’s an Artisan trade at its finest!

The process all takes place within their fantastically quaint and humble distillery and the gin tastes all the better for it.

They were very kind and offered us a little tipple of the good stuff…and by jove twas bloody delightful! But don’t take our word for it old boy, make the trip to Edinburgh and try some for yourself.

Think Edinburgh, think the Fringe Festival, Think Pickering’s gin…