Reyka Vodka Review

By Joe Burns Tuesday 9th Jan, 2018
Reyka vodka landed on our doorstep and we will start by saying that it is so refreshing to experience and enjoy a high quality vodka, a break from our current spirit drinking habits. 

Reyka is an Icelandic vodka made in collaboration by the masters at Grant & Sons (Hendricks, Glenfiddich) and master distiller Kristman Olafsson. You may be aware that Iceland sits atop a huge natural geothermal heat source, wet by the purest glacial water filtered by 4000 year old volcanic rock. These elements have been combined to create an Icelandic first, a vodka distilled and bottled in Iceland, using green energy throughout production.

The clean air of the surroundings echoes the clean ingredients that go in to every bottle. In fact, the water used has been shown to have 0% impurities, and together with the barley and wheat grains, the vodka created in the end is incredibly clean tasting and pure. 

The vodka has a smooth silky texture with very gentle floral notes of lavender and rose and a complimentary spicy element. The finish is short and has a delicate citrus quality that ends up making this a fantastically enjoyable spirit. 

The purity of this vodka makes it very drinkable with just a couple other ingredients, try angostura bitters and charred orange peel over ice for a crisp and invigorating, almost detoxifying cocktail. 

You can pick up a 70cl bottle for around £26 and we’d highly recommend you did!