Tanqueray No. Ten Gin – Dapper Chapper Bar

By Adam Sunday 31st Aug, 2014

It’s yet another gin in the form of Tanqueray No. Ten that makes the Dapper Chapper Bar proving the new movement in gin.

Tanqueray already has a big reputation in the world of gin and in 2000 they released No. Ten to sit alongside its big brother the London Dry. Success has come quick for the new kid on the block and the last 14 years has seen No. Ten become equally recognisable.

For Tanqueray the purpose was to give the brand another option away from a gin flavoured by the dominance of juniper. At 47.3% ABV, No. 10 reflects the growing trend that now places a focus on other botanicals with less reliance on Juniper.

Tanqueray Ten actually gets its name from being made in the Tanqueray number ten still and like the London Dry No.10 it combines juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice. On top of these fourbotanicals No. 10 also has fresh lime, fresh orange, camomile flowers and white grapefruit. The main difference between the two is the use of citrus flavours, with fresh lime and fresh orange rather than dried fruit, which is quite rare in the industry and certainly a nice USP for No. Ten.

On the nose juniper, as you’d expect, is present but also citrus with hits of lime and grapefruit prominent. Citrus then remains with angelica root bringing a spicy and nutty quality. Then the camomile flowers come into play leading up to a finish that is long and spicy with citrus and black pepper lingering on the palate.

With such a mix of botanicals No. Ten lends itself perfectly to be the base of cocktails. Thanks to the fresh citrus core, it particularly works well with citrus based cocktails – especially Martinis.

So the taste works but as you know to make the cut aesthetics is important to us at Dapper Chapper. The bottle is key and there is no hiding No. 10 comes with a significant makeover to London Dry. It now fits in line with the classic Tanqueray shaker-style bottle with a rigid base, cool green colours but reigniting a passion for sophisticated cocktail making.


Tanqueray summarise why they chose the new design: “The bottle itself, is an elegant embodiment of Art Deco beauty meeting the fresh citrus squeeze, with the distinct lemon squeezer shape embedded into the bottom of the bottle. It’s tall and slender existence with sharp defined edges is a reflection of the sharp yet smooth flavours of the gin. The growing trend for at-home cocktails makes this luxury bottle an ideal centrepiece to every drinks cabinet.” – we agree.

To promote this, in July this year, Tanqueray No. Ten opened a Citrus Pop Up at Vista’s rooftop bar. The rooftop bar was transformed in an exquisite Citrus Garden, creating an oasis of tranquillity among chaos in the capital. The pop up not only celebrates the new bottle design but the layout also takes inspiration from the hand-picked fruits which contribute to making up the botanicals in No. 10 will citrus themes throughout.

On entering, a citrus archway to the secret entrance, through an assortment of botanical grapefruit, lemon and orange trees, the Tanqueray No. TEN garden awaits. On offer at the Citrus Garden will be TEN perfect cocktails – a range of Tanqueray No. TEN infused serves created by some of the UK’s top bartenders and Tanqueray Brand Ambassador. Each cocktail represents a different stage in the evolution of this British classic; from 1690 when gin was first born, to the rise of molecular mixology in the 21st century.

There are intimate cocktail masterclass’ held every Wednesday for lovers of Gin who want to learn more and also want to know how to create cool gin-infused cocktails. We think this sounds like an fascinating experience and each session only costs £15 per person inclusive of 2x Perfect TEN cocktails – a trip worth making in our opinion! (Bookings can be made via Vista’s Homepage)

The citrus dominance opens us up to a whole host of Dapper Chapper Cocktails, but alas, we’ve chosen a cracker, The Martinez:

–       Stir in a mixing glass:

–       50ml gin

–       25 ml Sweet Vermouth

–       10 ml Maraschino liqueur

–       2 dots of orange bitters

–       Strain into a frozen martini cocktail glass

–       Twist an orange and disguard

–       Garnish with a fresh cherry


The new Tanqueray No. TEN bottle is available in the UK now and is available for purchase at Selfridges and Alexander & James for a recommended RRP £32.58 for a 70cl bottle.

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