Wild Turkey Bourbon

By Gary Dennis Friday 9th Dec, 2016

Whilst you watch your extended family squabble over the invariable mountain of meat and river of gravy this Christmas, why not opt for a different kind of Turkey altogether, namely Wild Turkey Bourbon.

Wild Turkey hails from the heart of Kentucky and brings with it all the history of the prohibition era. Founded in the late 1850’s, Wild Turkey have stuck to traditions that span generations. Their current Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell, is the world’s longer active master distiller having been active for 60 years now and is known by many as the ‘Buddha of Bourbon’. A grand old moniker for anyone to hold, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Wild Turkey produce a variety of bourbons for all discerning tastes. Such as;

  • Wild Turkey Rye (40.5%) – broad vanilla and spice notes. Mixes well and comes through in cocktails.
  • Wild Turkey bourbon 81 (40.5%) – aged in American White Oak barrel. Notes of sweet vanilla, pear and hints of spice. Enjoyed near or with a mixer.
  • Wild Turkey 101 ((50.5%) – America’s biggest selling premium bourbon. Rich flavour with flavours of pepper, caraway seed and toffee sweetness.
  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed (56.4%) – bottled at proof with no added water, Rare Breed bellies a rich, yet mellow flavour despite the high alcohol content. Contains tones of sweet tobacco, orange and mint.


We know that rather than reaching for another turkey leg, we will be heading to the Dapper Bar to pour ourselves a dram or two of the several different blends that Wild Turkey has to offer.

Visit: Wild Turkey