By Michelle Connolly Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015

When two very exceptional tastes come together, it creates something rather special indeed. That’s exactly what we found when we ventured down to the brand new M restaurant to try their specially blended Woodford Reserve cocktails. One of the most anticipated restaurant openings of the year, the interior certainly didn’t disappoint – and neither did the food. Highly regarded for their exceptional steaks, this was one Dapper invitation we definitely couldn’t turn down.

I should get to the main event though, the rich, fruity caramel tones of the Double Oaked. Definitely an occasion whiskey, the rich flavour of the second charred and toasted barrel really comes through. The sweet, oaky smoothness, paired with vanilla and honey notes make you want to sit and really savour the flavour.

Splendidly lending itself to an Old Fashioned, I have to personally recommend the M Fashioned – a spin on the classic using a specially created Woodford Reserve infused syrup, which on it’s own in the glass looked like amber nectar. It had all the charms of the Old Fashioned with a smoky sweet undertone that went down extremely smoothly.

There were four signature Woodford cocktails on the menu, the first was a traditional Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned, a perfect classic of course, the M Fashioned was next, thirdly you had a wonderful Double Oaked Manhattan, made with vanilla infused coffee liqueur and stirred with whisky bitters, and finally a delicious American Dandy, which was a silky smooth Cherry Liqueur, Ratafia and chocolate syrup concoction, garnished with a sweet mini-marshmallow and ideal as an after dinner drink in lieu of dessert.


The curated menu featured the Woodford M special spice mix – 100ml of Woodford for every single rib, alongside a secret recipe of spices, which was then left to marinate for 24 hours before being left to slow cook at 58’c for just over 15 hours. The meat simply fell off the bone, tender and juicy, and you could taste the oaky character the Woodford brought. Accompanied by a tasty red wine onions, smooth pomme puree, sautéed mushrooms and a red wine jus it was a wonderful pairing with the rich Woodford Reserve cocktails we’d been enjoying.

Here’s the recipe for the delicious American Dandy, should you wish to give it a go at home. Apparently, it’s perfect with smoked beef and English wasabi mayonnaise.

M Restaurant – American Dandy

Method: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir with a bar spoon for dilution and then strain the ingredients into a cocktail glass.


40 ml Woodford reserve

20 ml dry vermouth

15 ml cherry liqueur

15 ml Ratafia

10 ml chocolate syrup

Garnish: 2 marshmallows with cacao powder