The Dapper Chapper Bar – Belvedere Vodka

By Neil Brotherston Sunday 27th Dec, 2015

It’s something of a mystery that it has taken us this long to get Belvedere Vodka on The Dapper Chapper Bar. You would have thought a vodka that brands itself as the “world’s first luxury Vodka” would have been among the first on our list.

But as it was, it took the release of the latest James Bond film Spectre (check out the limited edition bottle above) and their partnership with Belvedere for its launch (and a little nudge from leading online drinks vendor for it to be properly brought to our attention and scheduled in for review.

Why then, I hear you screaming, is it only just appearing now in December – months after the films release. Well…aside from the fact we’re incredibly busy down here at Dapper Chapper HQ, we also wanted this to appear as a stand-alone drinks review, rather than simply as a promotion for the film– so we bided our time. And just before Christmas feels like the right time to give this luxury vodka a long awaited review.

Belvedere is named as homage to the famous Belweder Palace in Warsaw – one of the few pieces of original architecture in Warsaw to survive the destruction of World War 2. It is also the current residence of the Polish Prime Minister and really is one of the most instantly recognisable structures in Poland.

And Belvedere have made sure that Belweder Palace is the centre piece of their vodka, through their incredibly slick frosted glass bottle, with a clear glass circle in the middle which allows you to look through onto the graphic of Belweder Palace etched on the back of the bottle – creating an almost 3D illusion as if the palace is actually floating inside the bottle. It makes this bottle instantly recognisable and stands it out from the crowd when sat on any bar shelf.


Once the vodka is out of its beautiful bottle, there is little doubting what the main flavours are. To the nose there are two distinct smells – an undeniable acidic citrus aroma, with lemon the most prominent note and a strong vanilla essence.

When you sip this vodka, it is truly remarkable how smooth it is. There is virtually no alcohol burn to the throat and it slips down almost as if you’re sipping water. The strong vanilla flavour merges well with the unmistakable taste of the rye grain this vodka is made with to create an incredibly pleasant and smooth and velvety vodka. The vanilla last long on the palate and is complimented by the slightly acidic lemon notes and finally a little hit of peppery warmth on the throat.

We genuinely haven’t tried a smoother vodka than Belvedere… literally just slips down. Some vodka drinkers may find the flavour profile a little too subdued for their liking, but from our point of view we think it’s great.

And as homage to Mr James Bond himself, it would be churlish of us to suggest any other cocktail for you to try this in than the good old fashioned

Belvedere 007 Martini


60ml Belvedere Vodka

10ml dry Vermouth



Shaken, not stirred.

Serve in a frosted Martini glass with a lemon twist for garnish.

You can get your hands on one of the special limited edition Spectre Belvedere Vodka bottles for a price of £29.99 from our friends over at