Wallpaper designs: Curio by Cole & Son

By Robert Etheridge Tuesday 26th Apr, 2016

Wallpaper is one of the most effective means of bringing art into your room, whether making the most of an alcove or decorating a feature wall. Cole & Son are one of the most well-regarded names in the business having started producing elegant prints back in 1875. The new Curio collection is inspired by rarities and treasures d’art of the natural world and is sure to capture imaginations with its plethora of intricate patterns and colours. Here are the Dapper Chapper picks:


Strand wallpaper design, Cole & Son

One of the most striking wallpaper designs, Strand features vertical brush-marked ribbons with contrasting metals and chalky mattes. The dramatic gold and emerald on coal black (shown here) is especially captivating.


Ingot wallpaper design, Cole & Son

Ingot features a tumbling sequence of small metallic cubes and is inspired by Pyrite, or ‘Fool’s Gold’. A selection of metallic shades – silver, ‘gilver’, gold and pewter cascade on to earthy grounds of neutral, olive green and charcoal black. For an edgy, geometric look with a touch of luxury Ingot works especially well.


Seafern wallpaper design, Cole & Son

For the aspiring botanist, Seafern is a visual feast with Staghorn and Ivory Tree coral patterns, pictured here in a breathtaking charcoal black on emerald green with hints of antique gold. The prints are inspired by historical botanical prints from the late 18th Century, adding a touch of heritage.


Goldstone wallpaper design, Cole & Son

Goldstone will appeal to fans of the likes of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac; its mass of shimmering marbled flecks of gold and silver subtly blend into a soft sheen, aping the effect of pointillism and injecting lustre into any space.


Plume wallpaper design, Cole & Son

Taking design influences from tribal art, Plume uses soft brushstrokes in neutral grey, charcoal black and metallic gold and bronze on grounds of charcoal, stone and white. A subtle means of adding texture and pattern.

For more on Cole & Son’s range of luxury wallpaper designs, visit www.cole-and-son.com