Judging The Style Awards at Gentleman’s Day

By Adam Tuesday 18th Jul, 2017

Last Friday we spent a day with The Jockey Club Moet & Chandon July Festival at the July Course in Newmarket. The Friday was of course Gentleman’s Day and I represented The Dapper Chapper as one of the Style Judges for the Best Dressed Man.

We had a lovely lunch with The Jockey Club along with Gethin JonesGeorgia Toffolo, Gary from the Dapper Chapper team and Ed from Cuts For Him.

On the day I wore a bespoke linen, silk, wool mix suit designed by Clements and Church. The tailored shirt was also by Clements and Church and this was paired with a Marwood hexagon hand-rolled tie.

My glasses are by Cult Eyewear and the most notable addition to my look is the snap-brim panama hat by Peter Christian – which, if you’re shopping for a hat, is worth checking out as they are very competitively priced.

Hopefully you enjoyed our social coverage and here are a few of pics from the day: