Basement Galley Supper Club

By Michelle Connolly Saturday 6th Feb, 2016

Basement Galley Supper Club
+44 (0) 7849 472280

One one of our more unusual venue visits, we found ourselves up in Walthamstow sitting in a tube carriage sharing a meal with a group of other curious diners.

Let’s start at the beginning though. Basement Galley’s Underground Dining events have a reputation for theatrical surroundings, and this one is no different. From what started in a front room in Brixton has graduated to the most rare of locations. We approached the gate and peered at the looming locomotives, before being happily greeted by Cordon Bleu trained chef Alex Cooper and his staff, and led to our table upon the illuminated decommissioned 1967 tube carriage in the centre of the museum.

Slowly the carriage filled with nervous and excited diners, quietly whispering among themselves while enjoying a welcome cocktail, a delicious Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned. We soon realised the reason for the quiet whispers – Londoners are trained not to talk on tubes. But soon inhibitions were lowered and new friends were being made.

Staff whizzed in and out, with broad smiles serving drinks and clearing space, and encouraging people to chat and laugh with each other. Each seemed enthused by the food and atmosphere, which was a lovely experience. Alongside the Woodford Old Fashioned, we had a choice of red or white wine, beer and soft drinks to enjoy alongside the food.

We were in for a treat with the food – Alex has created unique Scandinavian influences with a twist in each of the four courses. Tasty confit pumpkin with apple compote and whipped goats curd was warmly welcomed. This was followed by, in my opinion, the star of the show. Tart-sweet carmelised grapefruit hiding under tender cured salmon slices and topped with camomile syrup and roasted hazelnuts melted in the mouth and created the most wonderful blend of flavours.

Not that the perfectly-cooked pink duck breast didn’t wow us either, the smoked porter reduction really set off the duck meat and the fortified berries burst with flavour. We finished with an unusually paired citrus and rosemary ice cream alongside the chocolate and pickled pear tart. A rich finish to a delicious meal.

The experience was incredibly unique and unusual, an excellent talking point, and while it would be a little too much for a first or second date I would say perfect for something fun or special to share. Great food, rare surroundings and an all-round fun night. Tickets are still available on the website for a night to remember.