Brunch at Montpeliers

By Alex Noble Friday 16th Sep, 2016

Brunch; it just seems to be everyone’s favourite meal right now! The meal on fleek and the one that foodies seem to Bombard their social media pages with. But why?

It’s a question that’s certainly open for debate but not one we’ll try answer just now.

What’s interesting is how many places have tried to jump on the bandwagon and produce an edgy styled eggs Benedict, or a quirky little take on the traditional English Breakfast. It’s all just a little clichéd for a Dapper Chapper – especially those who grace the streets of Edinburgh.

Don’t get us wrong, we love new trends and styles but some things should just be kept plain and simple, with the result being marvellous.

Montpeliers in Brunsfield, are at the summit of the Scottish capital’s hierarchy when it comes to Brunch prowess. Situated at the heart of Brunsfield, this is a venue that takes great pride in its food, drinks, interior and service – and it certainly shows/ What’s more, they seek produce from local and trusted suppliers, which is one of the main reasons why they do the best sausages in town – who doesn’t appreciate a good quality sausage after all?

Not only is the food hearty and to die for, but it’s incredibly original. They haven’t tried to over complicate classic British breakfast serves but have instead created an extremely pleasant dining experience that would suffice for any DC, seeking to catch up with the latest headlines (in newspaper form obviously) with his morning earl grey.

Us Dapper Chaps attempted Montpelier’s Full Monty, and although we failed to clear our plates, this was due to our eyes being bigger than our stomachs – the food was delicious. It was extremely refreshing to see a breakfast served with love and a smile, instead of with gimmick – Montpeliers focus on their customers instead of their own acclaim…the latter comes from getting the former right.

You may think i’m speaking in riddles but I hope it got the point across – if you’re looking for a place to set yourself up for the day, look no further than Montpeliers. They’re situated just outside the city centre, so it’s a lovely stroll back into town to walk off your breakfast – They just think of everything!