The Dapper Chapper Tests #ZipCarFlex

By Adam Thursday 30th Nov, 2017

For those of you that follow us on Instagram, you may have seen on our stories that we’ve been testing out the Zipcar service recently after we were approached by the company about their #flexinthecity campaign.

I hadn’t used the service before but recently moved to Wandsworth Common and see them around everywhere so naturally wondered what all the fuss was about.

Zipper has crept up to become the world’s largest pay-as-you-drive car club boasting 12,000 vehicles and over one million members across multiple nations. So perhaps we were a little late to the party but still I was more keen to find out how, or if, Zipcar could help the day-to-day life of a Dapper Chapper in Wandsworth.

My trial actually started a little earlier than planned because my owned car was locked in an underground car park for 13 days, so this came at a perfect time.

First, I went through the registration process. Once you have your driving license to hand the sign-up takes under five minutes and approval took less than a few hours.

I then selected the service and found a car that was conveniently parked on my road, which I then reserved the time slots for four hours. Once I got to the car I unlocked it with my app and the key was in the glove box. That’s it, I was off and later just dropped it back where I picked it up.

The Zipcar service that’s really the game changer for busy Londoners is Zipcar Flex. Flex is a service that at the moment is available in Merton, Lambeth, Wandsworth & most of Southwark, Islington, Hackney & Waltham Forest.

Once you’ve reserved your car on the app, you can basically drive it anywhere and once your finished just drop it off (pending it’s in one of the designated boroughs). Meaning you can complete multiple tasks and activities without getting charged while the car is parked up.

Here’s what I got up to on my Zipcar experience day:

I started by picking up Anton from Maketh The Man from Clapham Junction. Usually on shoot days we’re lugging around loads of equipment so already this was proving to be convenient.

We then travelled to Northcote Road Market and because the permits allow parking pretty much everywhere in Wandsworth, we parked up this road behind Northcote Road. We ended the trip here and went for some Pizza and a look around the stalls.

I then got a call to ask if I could go to pick up a Christmas tree which presented the perfect opportunity to test out a ZipVan & complete our Zipcar hat-trick. Worth stating that Zip Van is a separate service to the Flex and comes with different pricing but naturally there was one parked just off Northcote Road so we jumped in and headed to Neal’s Nurseries on Heathfield Road to do the deed.

We dropped off the van & went to shoot for a few hours before we jumped in another Zipcar Flex for the final time. I dropped off Anton & went to a Yoga Class at Yogi Yoga.

It’s worth adding that the fleet comprise of decent models including Audi’s, VW’s & Transporter’s, so you’re not going to be driving around in something naff.

On top of personal convenience Zipcar are changing driven habits as every car share vehicle is taking between 5-11 vehicles off the road and Zipcar are working towards eliminating the need to ever own a car in urban spaces.

Cost-wise, there are three payment plans basic, smart and plus which you can read more about here but whichever option it’ll be cost-effective because you’re obviously saving on car maintenance & parking etc.

Join here and you will receive £25 worth of free credits: Click here

This post is sponsored by Zipcar.