Dapper Evening Out with Heineken & The Human Library

By Alex Noble Friday 3rd Nov, 2017
Well chaps, I’m not going to lie to you, this one’s a little different.
I’m always up for broadening my horizons; you know the old leap of faith where you choose the ‘louder’ pocket square or indulge in a rollneck for the first time but this post is actually nothing to do with either. In fact, it’s got very little, if anything, to do with dapper apparel.
I’m usually a huge advocate of dressing appropriately and ensuring one always looks ones best, but the recent evening I had at the Crosstown Eatery put things somewhat in perspective.
The evening was led by Heineken in conjunction with the Human Library and I won’t lie to you, pre-event, I hadn’t a scooby what the Human Library actually was.
Allow me to briefly explain; when entering a human library, the books are living people with a story to tell (you all thought Kindles where high-tech but we now actually have talking books), and you, you are readers, opening yourself to their tale. It’s all about spreading a message and raising awareness for topics that perhaps aren’t spoken about enough.
Enter Heineken – a proud partner who seek to subtly break down the barriers of conversation by offering a beer or two to go with proceedings and encourage interactive engagement between book and reader.
I won’t go into the details of whom I spoke to or what we spoke about, however, what I will say is that it was an educational experience that offered a very sobering insight into the struggles of others, which was rather powerful.
It for one, got me thinking that sometimes, and in fact always, there are more important problems to be faced than how one ties their tie or whether you should go for a two piece or three piece.
I’m not about to preach about how everyone should look at the way they’re living their lives; but I feel Heineken summed it up nicely with their slogan; Open Your World. 
It’s important chaps and chappettes from all across the world are able to sit down and talk about issues of any regard. What’s more, you can still be the best-dressed bloke in the room, so perhaps look into the Human Library and give it a go.
Next time you’re deliberating whether to go with an Oxford or a brogue, just think; whatever you go with, your outfit will likely be strong (it must be you read the DC) and there’s more to life than just fashion and lifestyle.