The Perfect Cellar

By Michelle Connolly Friday 23rd Oct, 2015

Perfect Cellar

An invitation to the top of King’s Cross Clock Tower Apartment is not one anyone is likely to turn down, least of all when it’s from the lovely chaps at Perfect Cellar. We entered the beautiful home which had been laid out elegantly with podiums of ingredients that invoked the flavours of each of the wines we were to try that evening.

At each of the stations, the wines were elegantly presented alongside their ‘thought starter’ podiums covered in various thought starters – from rose and strawberries for the Tendil & Lombardi Cuvée Rosé, to winterberries and chocolate for the Victorino do Toro. There were plenty of experts delighted to chat through each of the wines, where they came from, what the growers and owners were like, and why they chose that particular wine. It was lovely to speak directly with their head buyer and discover her reasons for choosing each one.

The wonderful wine was accompanied by amazing finger food from La Bella Assiette, from salmon ceviche to beetroot and goats cheese, and a deliciously moist Asian duck. The private chef whipped up platefuls of delicious hors d’oeuvres that were very well received by all.

We also had the pleasure of meeting some of the growers themselves, and ask questions about the vintages and styles. One wonderful pair of brother produce 40 top-tier wines, half of which go straight to the Spanish Royal Family, and a half of the remaining bottles go to Perfect Cellar. The relationships that their buyers have with the growers and vineyards gives them unique access to some of the best wines from the most coveted regions in the world.

The ethos behind the brand is that they strive to find the most unique and wonderful wines from around the world at a price that is accessible to everyone. They want to help customers build their own ‘perfect cellar’ at home. Each of the wines comes accompanied with a beautiful still life photograph containing the notes the wine conveys to help you choose one that suits you. They also have a ‘Wine Club’ where a sommelier can help you choose something absolutely perfect.

It’s a brilliant idea for those of you that like wine, you are almost certain to come away with something unique you’ll love every time.