Flight Club Darts

By Neil Brotherston Thursday 26th Nov, 2015

We absolutely love something new and quirky over here at Dapper Chapper. We’re willing to give anybody trying something new and ‘out there’ a chance before we judge them.

However, when we were approached by Flight Club Darts to come along and try out their brand new concept in Shoreditch “Social Darts” – we were a little dubious.  I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve always been partial to a little spot of darts whenever I see a dartboard. But we weren’t quite sure that it would be a “Dapper” evening – to say the least.

However, the more we heard about it, the more intrigued we were by the whole concept. A darts bar, right bang in the heart of London, which the organisers were describing as “Classic Pub meets Fairground Flair. The Perfect Professional Playground.”

So we agreed to head on down there and give this new concept a chance.

And we have to say we’re very glad we did. It was everything that we were promised it would be and it certainly puts a new slant on what to expect from a darts bar – something that used to drum up images of dingy social clubs.

The first thing that hits you when you arrive is that this really is right in the very heart of London and it has the décor inside to pull this prestigious location off. This is no social club – this is central London darts. This is social darts.

darts 2

Now one of the key attractions of flight club darts is that all of the scoring is electronic and instantaneous. Technology that has been developed by a genuine rocket scientist is used, to ensure that all darts are tracked and scores recorded on the electronic screens above the board.

This really does make the whole experience far easier, more sociable and ultimately more enjoyable than standard darts, where your focus is on getting the maths right. Here, you can concentrate on catching up with friends, enjoying the fine selection of drinks and sharing food they have on offer and ultimately getting stuck into some great head-to-head competition with up to 12 of your pals.

There are three game modes – Shanghai, Killer and Demolition each of which are great fun and offer something different and keep your interest going. You can learn how to play each of these game modes before your first visit from these interactive how to video guides. We were there for almost three hours and I can honestly say we didn’t get bored of darts at any point throughout.

The whole experience from start to finish was great – the staff were great (thanks to our Swedish Waitress Amy for all her help), the aeroplane style drinks button at the ‘oche’ makes keeping your drinks topped up throughout incredibly easy, while the sharing pizzas that we tried out were genuinely of very high quality…..far better than we were expecting.


So if you’re looking for something different to do with a group of friends or colleagues then we can thoroughly recommend Flight Club. It costs £25 per hour (after 6pm) to book a space at an oche for up to 12 of you to take each other on at Social Darts.

To book a spot, visit the website and make an enquiry. But be quick – this is proving popular and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.