Forage & Chatter

By Alex Noble Thursday 6th Jul, 2017

These days, due to on-going financial insecurities and political agendas, people just seem to be a little uppity and highly-strung. Now, before you think where the bloody hell is he going with this, all i’m saying is can we please just tone it down a little? I’d recommend getting a hobby, taking up a sport, or my personal favourite, treating yourself to a spot of dinner.

Following on from that final recommendation, due to the aforementioned financial issues, various dining establishments seem to be hurling marketing artillery at customers from every angle, whether it’s through a discounted grenade, or promotional pepper spray; We succumb to heavy fire, and it’s annoying.

So, when I was kindly recommended to visit Forage & Chatter, in Edinburgh’s West End, I automatically had a good feeling. Why? Because I hadn’t heard of them.

You may think that a bad thing but how refreshing to find somewhere so magnificent (and so fully booked) that relies on the quality of its product and word of mouth in order to attract an appreciative clientele.

Forage & Chatter pays homage to the finest Scottish and locally sourced ingredients and is a celebration of the nation’s cuisine and culture.

The interior is tastefully decorated with tartan and Balmoral tweed, and although the food and service is of an extremely high standard, it was easy to relax and take in ones surroundings without an ounce of pressure.

I must add that to begin with, I was slightly baffled by the array of plant life scattered throughout the venue, contrasted with areas patterned with open brick. Yet, after a few swigs of their quite sumptuous red wine, it came to me that these were to emphasise the concept of foraging. A deft touch.

When entering a venue of this stature, you know the drill old chap; one usually arrives with preconceived expectations. Now, I’m an honest fellow, so when I say that the food was delightful, please know it’s the truth.

Interestingly my dining experience was a little topsy turvy. I’m not someone you’d usually class as ‘edgy’ but I really rather liked it.

Allow me to explain:

My starter, the Pork shoulder, was flavoursome and hearty and filled quite the gap. Thus I was a little concerned about tackling my main course. Yet, my aged beef was as light as a feather, melting in the mouth with succulent, deep flavours. The plate was cleared at a potentially ill-mannered rate. Thus, the starter felt like the main and vice versa.

I couldn’t recommend both dishes more. In fact the whole bloody menu sounds marvellous, and I certainly shall be raving about this place to others.

A stylishly patriotic take on Scottish cuisine, delivered with elegance and originality; to all the chaps out there, this place is certainly near the top of my list in Scotland’s capital.

Header Photo Credit: Alexander Clark