The Little Yellow Door

By Michelle Connolly Monday 7th Mar, 2016

The Little Yellow Door
68 Notting Hill Gate
W11 3HT
07801 267854

Yards from Notting Hill Tube stations is one of the more unusual and interesting pops ups you’ll come across in London. Run by a group of housemates, this restaurant cum bar is hosted in the sitting room of their flat. Each time they open, the are joined by a fictional ‘fifth housemate’ who sets the tone for their themed dinner parties – this time it was Hank from the US of A.

Greeted with delicious Jammy Dodger and Rhubarb cocktails served in delicate china cups, everyone was chatty and friendly. It set the tone for an evening of fun, the quirky cocktails each garnished with a toasted marshmallow or jammy biscuit. Pulp Fiction was being projected on the wall behind, and there were interesting touches to discover throughout the flat.

Considering Hank was the guest of honour, the meal began with a starter of delicious lettuce hearts with spicy dressing and crispy bacon, cured meats and Dijon mustard garnish. This was closely followed by a deliciously creamy New England Clam chowder with Shrimp and Corn, just rich enough and not overly filling for the courses to follow.

The mains were truly spectacular, a real American feast. We were treated to a heaving board filled with sticky sweet Bourbon Glazed Ribs, tasty lettuce wraps of Pulled Beef Shin, spicy Buffalo Wings, hunks of flavoursome Smoked Sausage perfect for dipping in the Pickles & Burnt Onion Ketchup. These were accompanied by some hefty sides – Pickled Chilli and Kraut Slaw, Potato and Bacon Salad, and a truly delicious Mac ‘n’ Cheese topped with crispy crumb topping which was my absolute favourite. The meat was amazingly tender and full of flavour, the Pulled Beef Shin was a personal preference, but I have to put a word in for the ribs too – a great balance of meat to bone.

Throughout we were encouraged to chat and get to know our fellow diners, and we even got to play games – each table was challenged to create a poem based on their experience at The Little Yellow Door, where we discovered the variety of words that indeed rhyme with Door.. Many tables appeared to intend up on the floor by the end of the night (which I am glad to report didn’t happen). Our tasty desserts were formed of Oreo, Banana and Bourbon Hard Shakes served in mini shot glasses, and Malt Cream Brownies with Raspberry – the perfect end for the ideal American dinner.

Our hosts were really chatty and involved, delighted to entertain questions and talk with all the guests. The experience was lovely and relaxed, post dinner the tables were cleared away and it became far more of a house party experience. Pitchers of cocktails were distributed and discussion flowed. We were particularly delighted to discover a little treehouse hideaway in the back of the room – a quirky little space full of giggles.

We loved our experience at The Little Yellow Door, it’s the ideal place to grab a mate, head down, and leave with a dozen more. Possibly a little intimidating for a first date if you do the dinner part, but check out their opening days and see if you want to pop in for a house party or a dinner do – I can guarantee you will be made very welcome in their house.