No.8 Lister Square

By Alex Noble Monday 1st Aug, 2016

Question: what does one look for when venturing out in Edinburgh on a Thursday or Friday evening..?

Show me Liquor you say?
Of course when we say liquor, we do mean all alcohol – a dapper chap can’t always be on the hard stuff…

Pint outside

This wonderful bar has an amazing selection of Gins, both locally provided and globally renowned, that provide a wonderfully refreshing post work drink come the end of the day. Their wide array of cocktails, such as the Icelandic and The Speyside Spaniard mean if it’s been a long, frightful week, you can set your taste buds alight and revel in wonderful flavours. After all, Thursday is the new Friday old boy!
Show me Music, you wail?
There’s nothing quite like a little background music to get those brogue soles tapping the floor. This wonderful establishment showcases many talented, local musicians throughout the week and so offers a very laid-back atmosphere where one can sip on a delicious Malbec, and enjoy the sounds of Edinburgh.
Show me food…please sir.
A bar with a brilliant vibe that provides its clientele with some fabulous dishes…Edinburgh is rather short when it comes to this kind of establishment. So, how delighted we were when we ventured to No.8 and had a browse at the food menu. Special commendation to the Chorizo Scotch Egg. Bloody wonderful!
What’s more, this quaint glasshouse provides a monthly shindig, for which they partner up with a renowned brand to create the ultimate evening soiree experience – think a vibrant courtyard, sunny evenings and even a spot of table tennis! Also, due to them being extremely proud of their brewing affiliations, No.8 run ‘Meet the Brewer’ sessions, where local brews are invited to offer taster sessions at their bar and educate the masses on their beloved product. A lovely bit of community engagement!
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