Party Houses – Perfect Accommodation for a Group Getaway

By Alex Noble Friday 13th Apr, 2018

Planning a stag do or a group getaway can be an absolute pain in the backside; the sheer volume of differing tastes and opinions to cater for when choosing stag group accommodation, a location, as well as choosing who to invite, what date to go on and who’s taking the hit on the deposit; and of course that’s before you deal with the aggro of the daily banter and profile picture changes on the whatsapp group!

You’ll likely start with a 20+ strong squad, raring to go; but family, work and made up commitments, along with the painfully slow process of trying to find an adequate venue, will whittle that number down at a steady rate. Eventually you’ll be left with a six-man troop doing their best to occupy a mammoth sized house in the middle of f-ing nowhere, having a good but not great weekend away.

Apologies for the slightly negative outlook but I do speak from experience.

If you’re going to do these kind of holidays, you need to do it right.

I predict a bromance will form between them and many a best man out there, as well as with those who have taken the hit and been lumbered with the responsibility of organising a group holiday.

Stag Do Central

One of the main ingredients for a memorable Stag Do (not for the stag hopefully) is Location, Location, Location. Party Houses have an amazing collection of properties scattered throughout the UK, which range in size, price and comfort. 

I think most of us will agree that a good stag tends to contain non-stop action and a case of gritting your teeth and wearing your hangover like a man. One fantastic way of shaking yourself down and ridding yourself of a hang is a good old group activity. Whether it’s an outdoorsy one like clay pigeon shooting, or embracing the hair of the dog and doing a bit of whisky tasting, they’re a great way of getting the group going!

When it comes to evenings, it’s always good to kick off proceedings within the comfort of your accommodation, perhaps with a dinner or at least some drinks, before hitting the local down for some controlled indulgence of your choice.

Chappers remember, what goes on tour, stays on tour.

Group Getaway

Whether it’s a special occasion, business event or just a standard holiday, catering for the masses in terms of accommodation can be difficult. Not only do Party Houses make life easier for you but the venues they offer are incredible and located in some breathtaking destinations.

Space and comfort are always key when it comes to the above (especially a business event), and I’ve always found that a remote location is a fantastic option for escapism, so you can forget about what’s going on in the busy city and simply switch off.

Another way of switching off is getting out of your natural routine and a great way to do it is to get involved in activities and fun exercises, which are great for banter and / or team building. There’s no better way of getting closer with your boss than having to battle through the rapids during white water rafting, or find out what he really thinks of you than indulging in a wine tasting (just make sure you can handle your drink!)

Head to the party Houses website for more information on their amazing Stag Do and Group Getaway packages.