Powder Keg Diplomacy

By Adam Tuesday 17th Nov, 2015

It is a bit bug bear of ours, to go into a bar or restaurant and the staff know absolutely nothing about what they are serving you. Sometimes we like nothing more than to be recommended a bottle of wine or a particular dish by someone who knows what they are talking about.

This is where the Powder Keg Diplomacy really excel. Not only are there staff stylishly decked out they also know exactly what they are talking about.

So we made our second visit to the Clapham based restaurant on one rainy Saturday in October, and it was a real treat that at every stage of our meal they were able to discuss the menu and make excellent recommendations.

Stepping through the doors of Powder Keg, you are instantly made to feel relaxed, it has a Victorian inspired theme with warm colours and the bright conservatory with its vintage feel is an ideal setting for dinner.

We knew we were in for an excellent evening as soon as we sat down, our waiter was attentive and very knowledgeable about the menu so was able to make some excellent recommendations for us. Anyone who can recommend an amazing bottle of red that is a very reasonable price will always be a friend of the Dapper Chapper!

Most of the cocktails on the Menu are originals so you know you will be getting something different and you can rest assured that it will come out well made and with perfectly complimenting flavours. A personal favourite of ours is the Regali-tea Signature, which consists of: Earl Grey Infused Plymouth Gin, Vanilla Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice, and English Sparkling Wine.

You cannot order a bad dish here so it is definitely worth being a little adventurous. A trip to Powder Keg would not be complete without sampling the Rock Oysters services with lemon and Shallot vinegar, they are incredible. We were also really impressed by the Hot Smoked Eel starter which was served with frozen bloody mary, radish and watercress and the Ray Wing Main course which came with parsnip purée, new potato and grapefruit butter.

After such a fantastic meal we had to make sure we finished it in the best way possible, which could only mean a Cheese Platter and a Whiskey.


We could not find fault with the food or the service at this place, and will be returning time and time again, we suggest you do the same.

Visit: Powder Keg Diplomacy