Pufferfish Restaurant @ Mahiki Kensington Review

By Alex Noble Thursday 18th Jan, 2018

Chaps, what’s a guy to do when he wants to go out for a good old blowout on a Thursday or Friday evening? I’m not talking about drinking beer til you drop or going through two bottles of whisky, meaning you’re unable to pronounce your own name.

No, I mean epic food, cocktails that set your taste-buds alight, elegant decor that takes you to a better place and of course, late closing times.

Well, there’s a new spot in Kensington to try…And most of you will likely have heard of it.

Mahiki anyone?

This Tiki Paradise within the heart of Kensington possesses a wonderful Polynesian vibe, which automatically injects an extra level of energy into you as soon as you walk through the entrance. Of course, like all premium venues, their aim is to create an unforgettable experience, and old boy, they do that and some (can’t promise you’ll remember it all…(Cocktails!))

From the wonderful Honolulu waitresses, whose hair is adorned with tropical flowers, to the splendid fresh fruit cocktails and delicious food from their Pufferfish restaurant, this place is super good!

So what does Pufferfish offer?

We’re talking tableside, hand-seared sushi, which will transport you out of the City, to a Polynesian Island.

The gateway to a Polynesian taste explosion…

A couple of DC favourites from their delectable menu…

To Start
Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter
Padron Peppers
Maki Rolls:
Yellowfin Tuna

Raw Bar:
Thinly sliced yellowtail jalapeno
Seared Salmon
Rock shrimp
Hot Plates:
Wagyu Beef
Chilean Seabass
Rib Eye
And as for the cocktails…
Bajen fire bird
Maui Moustache
Moutstique Fizz
So, next time you’re in Kensington, we’d suggest a Polynesian night of fun and flavour @ Mahiki!