MASH – Blind Steak and Whiskey Tasting

By Rashpal Amrit Tuesday 13th Dec, 2016

The Dapper Chapper Team was ever present at MASH Steak Restaurant. Along with other several notable press and bloggers we where treated to four steak cuts paired with complimenting whiskey. Trying several cuts and whiskeys this way opened us to some notable new combinations.

Here’s how we got on:

Steak 1: New York Strip
MASH says, “All of our American meat comes from Omaha, Nebraska. The cattle are fed on a compound feed featuring high amounts of corn, which converts to sugar and therefore gives a nice fatty marbling (which equals flavour) and an almost-caramelised “crust” on the outside when cooked. It’s very juicy and tender, from being wet aged for 28 days, and is one of our most popular cuts.”

This was paired with Buffalo Trace. This is a straight bourbon with a sweet taste with notable notes of vanilla, toffee and brown sugar.

Bourbon is a whiskey that is made up of at least 51% corn.

Steak 2: Danish Strip
MASH says, “Wet aged for thirty days, this is a flavoursome steak that is still tender and light. A strip steak comes from the “short loin” of the cow, which is found on the back, and the reason it is so tender is that the muscle does not work very much and so doesn’t become tough and chewy. It’s also quite a lean cut.”

This was paired with Blanton’s Original, Blanton’s is a single barrel bourbon with notable notes of honey, vanilla and tobacco.

Steak 3: Scottish Ribeye
MASH says, “The only British offering on our table, the ribeye is noted for its central fat, which melts down during cooking to provide a delicious flavour throughout the cut. Our Scottish ribeye comes from Black Angus cows, which is one of the world’s most popular breeds for steak.”

This was paired with Russell’s Reserve, which happens to be my favorite of the four offerings. A rye whiskey is somewhat opposite to bourbon, made of 51% rye to quality. It has a woody and spicy flavor.

Steak 4: Danish Ribeye
MASH says, “A MASH specialty, all our Danish ribeye are aged in house for approximately 90 – 100 days. Each day, the chefs take the drying beef and cut it down into steaks, removing all the decay to reveal one of the most flavoursome, almost gamey steaks around. Much of the moisture evaporates during the dry ageing process, leaving only flavour behind: although this does mean we recommend cooking no more than medium rare.”

This was paired with Balcones Texas Single Malt. This is one of a few single malts served at MASH with notes of toasted malt, honey and baked fruits.

Experience these award-winning steaks and whiskeys for yourself.

Words and photography by Rashpal Amrit, visit