The Powder Keg Diplomacy

By Adam Saturday 2nd Aug, 2014

The Powder Keg Diplomacy

147 St Johns Hill

SW11 1TQ

0207 450 6457



The Powder Keg Diplomacy has been on our radar for a while & we finally got round to visiting. The website alone is enough to lure you in, describing the setting as an urban colonial environment with dishes inspired by centuries of great British recipes and a drinks list influenced by Victorian imagination, ingenuity and innovation – how very Dapper Chapper, we thought.

Pinch me, I’m dreaming – review by Rachael Stevens

As I loom in the entrance of a beautifully nostalgic bar, a well-dressed waiter comes to my need like a damsel in distress. He kindly takes me through to a relaxed dining room that has an almost botanical garden feel.

I sit and take in my quaint and quirky surroundings, but it’s only a matter of minutes before I gaze affectionately at the cocktail menu and see gin, gin and more gin – heaven.

Gin & Immortality is my poison of choice. It arrives having clearly been made with love and I’m eager to take a sip (gulp).


Oh yes. The combination of lemongrass, coriander and gin works so well – if I were immortal I’d happily gulp on this for eternity.

I’m dragged away from my Gin & Immortality and onto the just as important ‘what to have for dinner today?’ And it’s definitely not curds and whey.

As it’s a rather hot and sticky summer day in London, we decide on half a dozen oysters to share.



These fresh mouthfuls of loveliness deserve a few chews to savour the taste, rather than the pointless swallow that’s recommended.

Now my tastebuds a fully awoken, I’m ready up for my scallop starter.  Fleshy, succulent scallops, rich prawn bisque with a pop of fishy goodness oozing out of the roe – delightful.


When I thought it couldn’t get much better, the star of the show was placed in front of me. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Sea trout, clams, sapphire and picked veg.


Being a meat lover also, the pork belly dish had to make a guest appearance as my mouth was watering just looking at it. Are you ready?


Oh if you’re wondering, the ball is deep-fried black pudding – naughty yes, but oh so nice.

With the red wine flowing and daylight dimming, the feeling of cosy contentment washes over us all. But the night is young, so dessert it is.

I’ve never been presented with a nicer looking Apple and gooseberry crumble. It completely sums up the Powder Keg Diplomacy in a nutshell – charming with a fun flair.


Talking of charming, another well-dressed waiter makes his way over with a complimentary chocolate brandy for us all. Oooh, we won’t say no.J

Feeling rather at home, our Dapper Chappers opt for a whiskey and we approach the end of the evening with an espresso martini (or two).


It’s moments until a waiter walks over with a selection of different whiskey for the chaps to try. He takes a seat with us and we’re in awe – he knows his whiskey and it is a complete pleasure to see someone so passionate about what they do. There’s no half-hearted plonking a plate of food in front of you and expecting a tip at the end of a meal; the waiters at Powder Keg Diplomacy are (in my opinion) a cut above the rest.

With a last sip of my caffeine cocktail, I see the clock has already stuck 12 and we haven’t turned into pumpkins, so it would be rude not to have one more for the road…Gin & Immortality is it!

A little indulgence is well deserved in this day and age, so when you want the ‘Pinch me, I’m dreaming’ feeling, I hope you know where to come.

Special thanks to our waiter Oliver and his team for looking after us so well – we’ll be back.