Temptation Wheel at The Savoy

By Rashpal Amrit Monday 7th Mar, 2016

The Savoy, one of London’s most iconic hotels has released the Temptation Wheel. Located in the Thames Foyer, this all new dining experience features Deserts, Chocolates and Cocktails.

I was lucky enough to experience this all-new taste sensation with my girlfriend, I would have to say if you have a sweet tooth this experience is ideal.

Presented in a beautiful lit up mahogany spinning wheel, the menu is divided into a painter’s palette of flavours. Flavours range from light to fresh and rich to indulgent, each desert being meticulously matched with handmade chocolate and a uniquely blended cocktail. The Temptation Wheel offers guidance, but guests are also encouraged to pick the right combination to suit their mood, taste and preference. Guests can also suggest new combinations to staff.

The deserts combine quality ingredients with cutting edge techniques, resulting in a breath-taking experience.

Examples from the desert menu include:

One Layers – £16

Ginger chiboust cream, roasted mangoes, passion fruit caviar, caramelised puff pastry

Roasted Figs – £15

Hot rosemary roasted figs, speculos crumbs, almond brittle, red wine marbled ice cream

Chocolátl – £16

Unique textures of 63% Gran Blanco dark chocolate served in an edible coco pod

Examples from the cocktail menu include:

Southern Rose – £16 – fragrant, floral, fruity

Grey Goose, rose, muscat, St Germain, raspberry syrup

Kings and Quince – £16 – fruit, spices, vanilla

Woodford Reserve, quince liqueur, salted almond
Winding Road – £16 – indulgent, intense, deep

Bacardi Ocho, ruby port, coffee maple, chocolate bitters

Dapper Chapper recommends:

White Chocolate
Opalys – £6
Cocoa butter, Vanilla, white
Earl Grey Suzette – £16 – Rich, Aromatic, red apples

Dewar’s 12yrs, Grand Marnier, Calvados, Earl Grey


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Tart – £13

Thin dark chocolate shortbread, Chuo chocolate ganache. Peanut ice cream

Treat yourself you a truly indulgent experience, deserts will never be this good.


Photography by Dapper Snapper Rashpal Amrit – words also by our style man Rash Amrit