Skylight Bar at Tobacco Dock

By Alex Noble Friday 11th May, 2018

When summer arrives, lots of chappers naturally book holidays abroad in order to bask in guaranteed heat and top up their tans, drink countless cocktails and relax…However, as we know, it’s not a season that simply lasts one week.

Thus, it’s crucial that you discover places and activities to get involved with a little closer to home, and when it comes to living in a big city, rooftop bars are at the top of most people’s lists!

As most of you will know, there are rooftop bars and rooftop bars.

The former offer decent views, adequate drinks selections, some fairly chic lighting and a pleasant evening experience. The latter (and Skylight falls into this category) are destination venues, where people are willing to travel a fair distance to enjoy a whole, fun-filled day in the sun (hopefully). 

Skylight is an exceptional venue that ticks all the boxes. It launched last year and due to immense success, there’s no wonder it’s returned for a second year. We popped down to this year’s launch to get a taste for the place and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

What started as an empty car park, has been transformed into a destination venue that possesses stunning views of The City, great and simple food options including a range of burgers and halloumi fries that are just a game-changer!

The drinks offering is rather eclectic too with Sprtizers, pitchers bubbly and wine. We also must admit, although slightly dumbfounded by them to begin with, the Watermelon Mojitos really kicked the evening into life.

Entertainment doesn’t go amissing here either…

We at DCHQ are quintessentially British, we’re not strangers to lawn games, and so were delighted to see the rooftop has both Boules and Croquet available. Our game was a little rusty since it was the first appearance of the season, so Chappers I would suggest some practice beforehand, as the games areas are in plain sight, for all to see!

Whether it’s Wimbledon or the World Cup, I can’t imagine there are many more impressive places to indulge in some drinks and watch the sport than Skylight, and with a capacity of 650, the atmosphere will be epic! 

Key Info:


Thursday & Friday: 5pm – 11pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 11pm