SMITHS of Smithfield – Cannon Street

By Tom Larkin Wednesday 21st Dec, 2016

The Walbrook Building,
Cannon Street,
London EC4N 8AF

The beauty of London is that it delivers choice, we live in the greatest city in the world that offers history, culture and a plethora of cuisines from each corner of the globe.

As a huge carnivore I regularly desire a mouth-watering bloody steak, washed over with full body red and our great city is fortunately blessed with options. The issue with having so much choice is that we can easily lose our sense of direction and when our innate hunter-gatherer instinct for fine meat takes over we need to know which chop house is best.

Dapper Chapper was invited along to the launch of ‘Smiths of Smithfield’s, Cannon Street, the latest addition to the Smiths of Smithfield’s chain.

Situated opposite Cannon Street station in the heart of the City, Smiths offers an exceptional serving of British produced meat accompanied with well selected British craft beers and of course perfect wine parings.

You can feel the buzz of the city in its atmosphere but the food talks the loudest instead of business. It goes without saying the succulent cuts of primed beef are exceptional and here’s the menu for you to peruse at your leisure:

& for cocktail lovers and those with a sweet-tooth:

The cows are coming and you should be ready!