The Squiffy Picnic at Cahoots

By Adam Tuesday 12th Apr, 2016
Address: 13 Kingly St, London W1B 5PG

It is one of London’s best kept secrets, which after a whisper at the door of ‘I’m here to see the captain’ you will gain entry and immediately be transported to another time.

All the details are spot on at Cahoots, a 1940’s blitz themed bar located in Kingly Court, from the wooden escalators that lead you to the station master complete with tannoy announcements, to the back stories of each of the staff who never slip from character.

Cahoots 0030

This venue had been used as an air raid shelter and has now been transformed into an underground station complete with its own tube carriage which is where our booth was located.

There are 3 options for the Squiffy Picnic, all with the same food options, but a variation in alcohol, so you can choose between ales, wines or Nyetimber sparkling wine.

On arrival you are presented with a delicious welcome cocktail and each person is given a brown bag filled with sandwiches.

This is followed by a Hamper filled with your chosen alcohol and other delights such as pork pies, Victoria sponge cake, ad our personal favourite blast from the past Tunnock’s Tea cakes.

The paper planes included in the hamper were a fun touch, and we were kept entertained with live music throughout our picnic.

After another delicious cocktail, the drinks are where Cahoots really excel, and we were reluctantly on our way back up the escalators and back to reality.

If you are looking for an alternative way to spend your Saturday or Sunday afternoon for a good old fashioned knees up then the Squiffy picnic is available every weekend Saturday 2pm to 2:30pm and Sunday 3pm to 3:30pm.

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