The Way to Go is BAYGO

By Adam Monday 23rd Oct, 2017

We recently had the privilege of being one of the very first through the doors of exciting new Caribbean food take-out BAYGO – and on reflection, accepting the invitation is one of the best foody decisions we’ve made!

Fresh from the official launch, BAYGO has come to the City with a proposition to deliver a new and fresh perception of food from the islands – and it’s good….really good.

Packaged and with a similar feel to Itsu, BAYGO carries real vibrancy and personality, and a sense of escapism, just for that period of the day/evening when you need a much-needed bite to eat or ‘timeout’ – or ‘liming’ as it’s affectionately referred to.

We opted for Creole and Curry Goat pots featuring ingredients, depending on each pot ordered, such as Plantain, rice, tasty seafood sauce and ‘Sunshine’ slaw – it was amazing and plentiful for the very reasonable price of £7.99.

BAYGO will be running a series of bespoke events and promotions throughout the next few months to spread the word, but we are fully fledged fans and can only recommend.

BAYGO is be situated at 27 Eastcheap, EC3M 1DE and opens on 16 October 2017, for further information visit