3 Dapper Christmas Jumpers

By Phil Hawkins Thursday 3rd Dec, 2015

The Oxford Street lights have been up for the past six weeks and the John Lewis advert has been on since mid October which can mean only one thing, Christmas is on its way. With the festive season comes the potential fashion hazard of the all important Christmas jumper. Not typically seen as every day attire for the dapper gent, we have scoured the stores and found our top three choices to get in the holiday mood while still looking good.

Bob Cratchit’s bargain buy:


If you’re beginning to feel the pinch as the parties and present buying takes its toll, then this £70 Abercrombie & Fitch Fair Isles Xmas Jumper is perfect for you. Available in both maroon and navy, Abercrombie has used the traditional Scottish knit pattern to give that all important festive feel.



Jacob Marley’s mid range:


Our middle of the road choice is a true celebration of Christ’s birth in a jumper as it features not one but two reindeer. This style, by our favourite Japanese label Beams Plus, challenges the familiar notion of the festive sweater as over the top and brash. Knitted in classic navy, white and charcoal hues, this patterned design features brown suede elbow patches for a rugged and refined appearance, and at £140 it’s not quite breaking the bank.



Tiny Tim’s top end:


£545 is a lot for a jumper, granted, but is it a lot when you will feel as Christmassy as a sausage wrapped in a knitted piece of cashmere bacon. Isaia’s soft sweater may not come adorned with holly or antlers, but what it does have is pure class. The cable knit construction and ribbed roll neck make this the ultimate warm choice, and an ideal layering piece on those cold winter nights.