5 of the best – Round Sunglasses for Summer

By Sonny Deptford Thursday 2nd Jun, 2016

It would appear that Spring and perhaps even summer is fast approaching. So it is probably time to realise that your old sunglasses have been lost or that or were ill advised and start to feel around for a new face accessory.

Although round sunglasses aren’t for every face, when not of the incredibly round John Lennon impersonator variety, or incredibly small like a maniacal pince-nez wearing victorian villain they can look very good. Try to think more Capote in the Greek islands or Corbusier in India

Here is a variety of some of the finest.

The Letter – Smoke & Mirrors

An independent eyewear designer from New York with frames made in France. The frames are fantastically made, immediately recognisable from the strong, weighty feel to the acetate. You don’t have to look for long at smoke and mirrors to realise that they are one hundred percent the real deal and arguably the best eyewear I have come across in years.


Available here


The Bubs – YMC

It is a fact, ore or less universally accepted that YMC make cool things, there’s a laid back simplicity without the inertia inducing monotony of faux heritage brands that makes YMC a go to brand for so many men. So it is nice to hear that they are once again jumping into the eyewear market. Five frames for the debut season include the rather natty Bubs, a think armed rendition of a classic round frame.

YMC Bubs

Rae – Ace & Tate

Arguably the most fun anyone has had in Amsterdam since Clogs (didn’t see clogs coming did you, you dirty devil) Ace and Tate have been making fun, incredibly well priced sunglasses for several years now, working on a straight to consumer model which means glasses priced below what they would be in an optician.

Ace and Tate Rae

Available https://www.aceandtate.co.uk/men-sunglasses/rae-tiger-wood-s


Mercury – Saturnino

Saturnino glasses are not for the faint hearted, but they are amazing, hand made in Italy, properly hand made, not oh maybe someone touched it at some point hand made. The glasses are fairly out there and the mercury is no exception however they are well balanced, wonderfully made and perfectly proportioned, these glasses are no joke.

mercury Saturnino

Available here


Whistles Round Frame Glasses

Whistles’ recently revamped menswear outfit is making a bloody good fist of things at the moment, with their new shop just off Redchurch street, good collaborations and a bloody good launch party at Hill & Szrock they seem to be on something of a roll. This pair of sunglasses is no exception, classic round frame shape, decent heft to them and currently on sale for £52, you really can’t complain.

Whistles 2

Available here